TBX Pro Turboliquidizer

High productivity solution for mixing, blending and emulsifying from 100 lt
to 700 lt of food, directly in any cooking equipment.

Discover all the range and check how make pureé, fresh salad and soup, watching our tutorial videos.

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TBX Pro Soup


Chop, mince, grind, blend, knead, emulsify but also slice, dice, grate and shred.

You can speed up your preparations, optmize on food quality and costs using fresh products and more.

Discover what PREP4YOU can make for you, by choosing the right combinations of discs.


Dito Sama boasts 50 years of experience in the innovation and design of planetary mixers, from the smallest 5 liter Dmix to express your creativity up to 80 liter for professional and intensive use.

Discover all the range and check how to prepare the perfect dough for your pizza!

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perfect dough


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