Supporting food professionals, the world over has been our mission and our passion for nearly 80 years.
At Dito Sama, we are always pleased to hear from our satisfied customers and find out how our equipment is facilitating and inspiring their work.

The Dito Sama equipment, such as vegetable slicers and potato peelers, offers significant advantages such as easy assembly, easy-to-use, easy cleaning, and robustness. Another notable advantage is speed: in comparison to manual cutting procedures, we save a significant amount of time. These machines are reliable and consistently assist us in meal preparation.

potato peeler

Previously, we handled vegetable cutting and bread dough preparation manually. However, for years now, we've relied on Dito Sama devices, currently utilizing the planetary mixer 10lt and the vegetable slicer TRS. These two devices have significantly streamlined our operations, saving us valuable time.

vegetable slicer and mixer on the table

The planetary mixer is our number one tool, used every single day without exception. It's incredibly handy and makes life much easier. In the beginning, when we had to do everything by hand, it was a game-changer. For example, you can simply add butter, turn on the planetary mixer and then you can just go and do something else. It saves a lot of time, and I'm really grateful to have it. 

Ecole Ducasse student

The advantage of Dito Sama equipment lies undoubtedly in its durability over time; these machines are extremely safe and reliable. In my laboratory, we use a planetary mixer that has been in service for some years. We use it daily, especially for tough doughs such as sourdough refreshments, which have low hydration and therefore strain the machine, but still consistently achieve optimal results. Additionally, we employ the planetary mixer to whip creams and to prepare various doughs like puff pastry, croissants, and other recipes that require thorough processing. Dito Sama is a guarantee over time and offers a range of machines that allow for diverse and extensive food preparations. 

follador chef

The main benefit of the professional equipment available at our school is speed. In our culinary classes, we prepare recipes in small quantities rather than large batches. Therefore, having small-sized planetary mixers proves beneficial for us. The size is well-suited for making smaller recipes, allowing us to work much faster than if we were doing everything by hand. While we initially learn manual techniques, we later transition to using professional kitchen equipment, gaining efficiency. This experience becomes valuable when starting work, as many companies utilize machines, and I also learn how to use them. 

Pastry chef teacher at École Ducasse

After using DITO SAMA equipment for several months, I can confirm that DITO SAMA planetary mixers have excellent kneading capacity, the dough is well-formed. The control panel is simple and intuitive, as is the installation of the bowl and features. It’s effortless to clean and easy to disassemble the safety cover for maintenance. 

Alexandre Laumain

PREP4YOU is a highly efficient machine designed for daily use, capable of replacing a person dedicated to vegetable cutting in the kitchen. It also features a mixing bowl function for creating fillings and emulsions, which is incredibly practical, and it offers ample capacity. It's a compact appliance that's easy to clean and use, and it's also convenient to store; you can place it in a corner of the kitchen, as it doesn't take up much space. It's highly ergonomic, sturdy, and robust, ensuring long-lasting performance and extreme convenience for all your daily fruit and vegetable cutting needs, even in large-scale operations.

chef and restaurant menu

At École Ducasse, we use the Dito Sama planetary mixer almost every day, making cooking much, much easier.  Almost all of our preparations require extensive mixing, especially when whipping cream, beating egg whites, or making dough with a hook. Without the mixer, it would obviously take a lot of time. So yes, we use it every day because it's highly reliable. 

École Ducasse student

I own a hotel "La Beauze" in Aubusson, and it's the birthplace of the company Dito Sama. It's important for us to support local products, so I have a Dito Sama bermixer. I use this appliance extensively as I often prepare soups for my guests. The bermixer is a large machine, but it's remarkably easy to handle and clean. It's also highly stable and durable. In my opinion, every chef needs a machine like this. 

owner of la beauze is cooking with bernixer

I have been using Dito Sama equipment for several years now, I find them well built, sturdy and above all easy to clean and sanitize. The materials used are long lasting, especially the electric motors which have never given me any reliability problems. For the type of cuisine I prepare, the vegetable slicer helps me a lot in the speed of preparations because I can cut large quantities with cutting precision and therefore always guarantee the same high standard.




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