Dito Sama’s commercial vegetable slicers make slicing, dicing and shredding vegetables and fruit simpler and quicker than ever before. Users enjoy a time saving of up to 95% compared to manual preparation and achieve consistently outstanding results thanks to the patented lever-pusher—even on difficult products like tomatoes and onions.

PREP4YOU does the work for you!

The PREP4You vegetable slicer offers users a time saving of up to 95% compared to manual preparation. It also promises consistent cutting results thanks to the patented lever-pusher—even on dicing difficult products like tomatoes and onions. It features a large output chute for efficient ejection, a maximized loading capacity of up to 1.25 liters and is suitable for GN containers of up to 200 mm. All food-contact parts are 100% dishwasher safe and BPA free. It comes with 22 optional discs and grids to slice, dice and shred, while its compact size lets it fit in even the smallest kitchen.

TRS: the universal vegetable and fruit slicer

The TRS professional vegetable slicer facilitates the stylish and imaginative presentation of salads, garnishing, macedoines and many other combinations. It offers superlative performance with high productivity and superior quality in more than 80 different types of cuts, from grating and wavy cuts to juliennes and French fries.

It is also easy to use thanks to its inclined motor base that makes for better ejection of vegetables. In addition, all the food-contact elements of this robust yet elegant machine are 100% BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and its ergonomic and rounded design allows for ease of cleaning.

TR210 & TR260: slicing in quantity

Thanks to its stainless-steel automatic hopper, the TR210 can cut large quantities of vegetables and fruit at high speed. This high-productivity commercial electric vegetable slicer features an ergonomic design that allows for excellent cleanability. All food-contact components, including more than 40 stainless steel cutting blades, are dismountable and dishwasher safe. Optional hoppers provide the flexibility to tailor the machine to meet different requirements.

With its wide range of accessories, the TR260 is the vegetable slicer of choice when preparing products for large events that need to be catered with panache. The TR260 can slice up to 2,500 kg/h thanks to its automatic hopper, powerful motor and large range of discs, including diameters of up to 300 mm. In addition, this slicer is the safest choice for operators, as multiple safety features protect users and block the machine in the event of improper usage.

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