Dito Sama supports the “Ambassadors of the Bread”

The “Ambassadors of the Bread”: Dito Sama puts his hands in the dough! 


The “Ambassadors of the Bread“, a noteworthy association  

This association is a highly esteemed organization that plays a pivotal role in defending and promoting the rich tradition of French artisan bread, both within the borders of France and on the international stage. With an unwavering commitment to preserving the artistry of bread-making, the association diligently spreads French expertise and savoir-faire worldwide. Moreover, they firmly believe in the importance of quality bread and aim to establish it as a staple in every corner of the globe. 


Innovative Approach: “RESPECTUS PANIS®, the Revelation of Bread-Making” 

As a testament to their dedication, the association has produced an exceptional work entitled “RESPECTUS PANIS®, the revelation of bread-making.” This groundbreaking book presents a fresh and innovative approach to the craft of bread-making, seamlessly blending ancient techniques with cutting-edge innovations. By combining the wisdom of the past with the advancements of the bakery equipment of the present, the association introduces a new era of bread production, where deliciousness, healthiness, and environmental sustainability coexist harmoniously. Consequently, this revolutionary perspective brings forth a profound transformation in the way bread is conceptualized and created. 


Dito Sama supports the “Ambassadors of the Bread” 

In their shared pursuit of excellence, Dito Sama stands shoulder to shoulder with the “Ambassadors of the Bread” association. Sharing a profound passion for the art of bakery and embracing the values propagated by the RESPECTUS PANIS® approach. Dito Sama actively supports the association in their noble mission. How do we extend our support? By equipping the association with commercial cooking equipment, specifically planetary bakery mixers designed to enhance the bread-making process. Through this meaningful collaboration, Dito Sama enables the association to achieve consistent quality and unparalleled taste, as well as expand their reach to delight bread lovers across the globe. 


Amplifying Impact: A Harmonious Partnership 

Ultimately, this harmonious partnership between the “Ambassadors of the Bread” association and Dito Sama amplifies their collective impact and fosters an environment of shared growth and success. 

By preserving and promoting traditional French artisan bread, embracing innovation, and building partnerships based on shared values, the “Ambassadors of the Bread” association and Dito Sama exemplify the power of collaboration in preserving culinary heritage, advancing bread-making techniques, and enriching the global appreciation for the art of bread. 



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