Eating healthy: what does it mean?

Adopting a healthy diet is important to be fit and take care of your health, throughout your life. But what does that really mean? What does healthy eating mean? Our food for thought.


Bet on plants 

First thing to start eating healthy: put more vegetables on your plates. Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, cereals (bread, rice, pasta), legumes (lentils, chickpeas, split peas…): do not hesitate to put them on the menu as often as possible. Meat and fish may have a smaller place on the plate. As for fats, in reasonable quantities, and dairy products (2 to 3 per day), they are essential to a balanced diet and can therefore be consumed daily. 


Water, water, water 

To hydrate your body, drinking at least a liter and a half of water a day is important. Water is indeed essential to life: it represents the main constituent of the body. It must therefore be the drink preferred by all. 


Quality food 

A healthy diet is also a diet composed of quality products. No battery chickens or eggs from hens raised in intensive farms. Yes, to poultry and eggs from the farm, if possible local and organic. Also avoid additives and prefer raw products as much as possible. Better a short menu composed of fresh and raw products than an extended menu, prepared with industrial products. In short, yes to simplicity, natural, homemade! 


Balanced meals  

Eating healthy starts with jumping out of bed. Breakfast is indeed an essential meal for the body: it must provide nutrients and satiate until lunch. Ideally, it should consist of dairy, cereals, fruit and a drink to fill up with vitamins, energy and hydration. Lunch and dinner should be composed of vegetables, raw vegetables and fruits, but also starchy foods, dairy products and proteins (meat, fish, egg) to provide a satiety effect. A snack can be taken occasionally, as long as it is reasonable. 


No prohibitions 

Eating healthy finally includes knowing how to treat yourself from time to time. It is therefore important not to ban any food and not to ignore a food category, at the risk of having deficiencies and frustrations. A good chocolate cake, prepared with quality ingredients, has its place on the menu of a healthy cuisine restaurant.  



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