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Cutting disc selection guide

This interactive guide has been developed to help you choose the cutting equipment for the TRK, TRS and TR200 series that best matches your needs.
You can opt for exploring the range either by the ingredient that you wish to process or by the size and type of the cutting disc.
The illustrated applications are by no means comprehensive representation of the full capability of the blades. With the new stainless steel discs for the TRS and TRK machines, the limit is your own culinary creativity!
The presence of the arrow icon means that you can also play a short video tutorial demonstrating how a particular cut can be obtained.

various sliced vegs

Vegetables slicers:

Minigreen: the ideal solution for the fast preparation of fresh-cut vegetables, saving time and money.

TRS: meets all your needs for preparing fruit and vegetables; increased productivity, outstanding performance, superior quality and a sturdy design.

Manual slicers:

Dito Sama manual slicers allow whole sliced tomato to be easily lifted…

…and you can have excellent cutting quality for all types of fruits!

Tutorial videos:


Have a look at the latest video on how Dito Sama appliances can assist the chef to prepare the most delicious and crispiest French Fries. From washing the potatoes up to the cutting. It provides some hints also for the frying phase. Enjoy it!


See how easy it is to cut chips in different shapes (up to 1500 kg/h) and clean the machine in a few minutes.


The TRS is the universal vegetable slicer for your stylish and imaginative presentation of salads, garnishings, macedoines, chips and many other combinations. High productivity, outstanding performance, superior quality in more than 70 different slices.


With a large choice of accessories, TR260 is the ideal product to prepare great events with style and creativity.
TR260 is able to slice up to 2500 kg/h thanks to automatic hopper, powerful motor and to a large range of discs with great dimensions ø 300 mm. Multiple safety devices protect the operator and block the machine in case of improper usage.


The MINIGREEN is the ideal solution for economic preparation of buffets of freshly cut vegetables, trays of starters or à la carte service. Designed to prepare raw salad vegetables, easy to use and clean, the MINIGREEN is the ever-ready compact vegetable slicer.


TR210 is an high productivity vegetable slicer, equipped with a stainless steel automatic hopper. The machine has been designed to grant ergonomy thanks to the trolley and maximum cleaning: all the components in contact with the food are dismountable dishwasher safe, including more than 40 stainless steel cutting blades.

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