Food Processors

Food Processors,
from 2,6 lt to the biggest 17,5 lt models

PREP4YOU Cutter mixer: chop, mix, grind and emulsify

  • Uniform results and continuous working thanks to bowl and lid scraper.
  • All ingredients are processed evenly and quickly thanks to the special flow generated inside the bowl
  • Time saving: lid with funnel shaped hole to add ingredients during use
  • Best hygiene: 100% dishwasher safe. All parts in contact with food are easy to remove for fast cleaning.
  • All parts in contact with are BPA free for best food contact safety.


K45/K55/K70 food processors are powerful, table-mounted cutters that are indispensable to any catering professional who seeks a wide range of options in preparation.

55 litre capacity, for example, makes it possible to perform a vast number of tasks, from simply mincing meat, to creating elaborate: mousses, stuffings, creams, pastries, etc.

The cutter offers many advantages, including the ability to liquidize and to mix and add products in midcycle. The range consists of models that are 2 or variable speed. The capacities of the K55 make it a perfect complement for kitchens of any size.



K120S/K180S food processor range can mix and mince quickly and easily, while preserving the texture and flavour of your ingredients, thanks to the powerful motor, the stainless steel bowl, the microtoothed blade and the scraper.

Available with 2 speedsĀ or variable speed up to 3500 rpm, the food process can prepare a wide range of recipes and obtain outstanding homogenisation results.

All the components in contact with food are BPA free, dismountable and dishwasher safe for maximum hygiene. Additional blades with smooth or serrated knives are available as optional accessories.

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