Combined Cutters &
Vegetable Slicers


MULTIGREEN: 2 functions in 1 machine!

MULTIGREEN is the ever-ready ideal solution for economic preparations of buffets of freshly cut vegetables.
It plays a double role in the kitchen, first providing fresh cuts for the preparation of raw vegetables, then, thanks to the cutter equipment, it chops and mixes condiments and sauces.

• cutter function: chopping herbs and condiments, blending sauces, mincing meat/fish
• capacity: up to 1 kg (e.g. mayonnaise) up to 250 kg/h
• vegetable slicer function: fresh-cut vegetables for sandwiches and small salads
• easy to move and space saving
• speed 1500 rpm
• versatile and easy to change from a cutter to a vegetable slicer
• integrated long vegetable hopper to slice zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, etc
• continuous feeding model
• high output zone height permits the use of GN containers up to 175 mm
• all parts in contact with food are 100% dishwasher safe

With TRK there are NO limits to creative cooking!

Three functions: vegetable slicer, food processor, emulsifier.
Three sizes: 4.5, 5.5 and 7 litres.
Variable speed from 300 to 880 rpm (slicer) and up to 3,700 rpm (cutter).

• cutter function: coarse and fine chopping, emulsifying, kneading and mincing
• capacity (e.g. mayonnaise): TRK45: up to 2 kg TRK55: up to 2,5 kg TRK70: up to 3,5 kg up to 550 kg/h
• vegetable slicer function: wide range of cuts of fruits and vegetables for cold or hot preparations
• easy to change from a cutter to a vegetable slicer
• transparent lid equipped with scraper and central hole to add ingredients
• maximum speed up to 3700 rpm (cutter function)
• stainless steel bowl with high chimney to increase the real liquid capacity with round corners and ergonomic handle
• dedicated rotors with smooth or microtoothed blades as well as specific for emulsions
• large and long vegetable hoppers integrated in the same design
• incly System: inclined motor base by 20° for better ejection of vegetables
• wide range of more than 40 stainless steel discs (more than 80 different cuts)
• all parts in contact with food are 100% dishwasher safe

The TRK is a versitile machine capable of changing from vegetable slicer to food processor in a matter of seconds. With the fast and easy to change attachments, you can be ready to prepare a menu ranging in anything from hors d’oeuvres to dessert.
When using the vegetable slicer attachment, it is possible to quickly and easily make over 70 different types of cuts for stylish and imaginative presentations of salads, garnishings, macedonies, chips and many other combinations.
When using the food processing attachment, it is possible to mince meat, create elaborate mousses, stuffings, creams, pastries, etc.

The capacities of the TRK make it a perfect complement for kitchens of any size.

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