Bread Slicer

Bread slicer for use in all high volume
catering establishments and commercial kitchens

  • Electric bread slicer useful in all catering establishments which require high product output.
  • Blade designed to avoid bread crushing thus allowing excellent slice presentation.
  • The cutting process begins automatically once the bread is inserted into the vertical spout.
  • Loaves may be cut into slices between 8 and 60 mm of thickness depending on setting.
  • Touch button control panel with pulse and start/stop push buttons.
  • Safety device ensures operator protection, particularly during cleaning operations.
  • Motor shuts off when chute door is raised.
  • Hourly output of 7.000 and 14.000 slices, suitable from 50 to 500 meals per service.
  • Single stainless steel chute.

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